Warm up 

I received a few messages asking if I warm up before I practice. Yes I do although my warm up routine isn't as complex as it used to be. Aside from alternate picking scale runs or occasionally sweeping through some arpeggios, I warm up using the examples below. 

   I set a metronome at a reasonable tempo, then work through the examples in different rhythms. ( Quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenths, etc.) Once you have got the hang of it, try skipping every other string.

DIY Pedalboard Patchbay/Junction Box  

I ran into a small problem when designing my recent pedalboard.  

I needed something that would allow me to use certain pedals in the front of my amp and run a send and return through the amps fx loop for other pedals.  

AND be able to use all pedals in front on amps with no fx loop.  


FX loop  

All FX into front of amp  

It is fairly simple to build, if you can drill holes and solder you should have no problem.  

I usually buy parts from or  Here are the parts I used:  

1590b Hammond enclosure (1) it is about the size of an MXR pedal.  

Switchcraft #11  2 conductor 1/4" phone connector (8)  

20ga hook up wire - I used this because it was all I had at the time, (in the picture below) although it works I decided to replace it with Mogami 20ga gold instrument wire.  

Drill holes in the box.  

Mount jacks.  

Solder ground (black) to inner lugs.  

Solder hot (red) to outer lugs.  

If you use this type of wire, twist it to shield it.(photo above) It is short enough you shouldn't have any hum problems.